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My name is Yahya Mohammed. I was born in Nigeria. I grew up in Nigeria. My mother was a tailor, and my mother's first born that is my elder brother was also a tailor too everyday when he came back home from the shop where he was learning sewing, he used to sew at home with my mother's sewing machine, and this makes me want to sew too that I also wanted to learn to sew So this is my passion for learning to sew get me to started gathering fabric pieces and trying to cut dress they way I saw him doing, when he got up and left, I always got on the sewing machine and tried to sew even though that forbid me to but I didn't stop So by doing that i started learning to ride the Butterfly sewing machine well as a young boy and a student when i came back from school i used to going to the football field or video game shop Then my mother said instead of me going to game shop after school or when there is no school let's take this child to where he can learn something then my mother asked me what job did i want to learn? i respond very quickly with i want to learn how to sew clothes and then my mother said alright i will asked your brother to find a right shop for you to learn sewing and in no time i started going to my brother's friend tailoring shop That is when my journey begun as a tailor and fashion designer, because at the time i also know how to draw; that help me to draw so many dress on paper and that is the reason its not hard for me to come up with a different new style,

since knew how to draw well, before i thought i am going to become an architect but surely my mind just changed
Now i am still a student i was studying computer science in the polytechnic this reason makes me to think of how can i combine my fashion skills with my computer knowledge to come up with something great that could be my business? So it was this idea that led me to creating hausafashion.com.ng and other sewing blogs as well as YouTube channels, all for fashion and sewing because i want to teach c people how to sew and then give fashion lovers advice on how they can choose a style that suits their want and suit their body at the same time give them brief or complete description of some Ankara styles. So If you are interested in Ankara fashion styles or want to learn how to sew, or maybe you will love to see some reviews and description of some ankara beautiful styles or tips about ankara styles before you can choose to sew them for yourself, then subscribe to the news later to let you know about our latest post thank you for visiting hausa fashion.com.ng

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