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Ankara skirt and blouse styles for wedding


Ankara skirt and blouse styles for wedding

Africa is a vibrant continent
with a diverse range of historical and cultural traditions. Africans,
particularly Nigerians, are proud of their country and their people.

 There are numerous
companies, shops, and fashion houses in Nigeria that produce both traditional
and modern clothing.

 Ankara styles include skirts and blouses, head scarves,
loose fitting gowns, ankara flared dresses and short gowns.

Ankara skirt and blouse styles for wedding

Ankara skirt and blouse styles for wedding

Ankara skirt and blouse styles for wedding

Ankara skirt and blouse styles for wedding

Ankara skirt and blouse styles for wedding

Ankara skirts and blouses can
be made in a variety of ways, including using only Ankara fabric or combining
it with other fabrics such as sample lace,

 paper lace, satin, silk fabric, if you want tailors can give you a beautiful and perfect ankara styles that you can use for any wedding event by combining the ankara fabric with other matching fabrics or accessories.

Everyone has the freedom to choose what they want; some people prefer to combine their Ankara print fabric with other fabrics to create a beautiful style, 

while others prefer to use only  their Ankara fabric and design it with no other fabrics or accessories.

That is why, as we advance in Ankara fashion and become more educated, a fashion designer or a tailor can cuts the pattern of the Ankara fabrics and decorates it on the blouse neckline to make it look very beautiful and lovely, and sometimes we add stones on top to make it more attractive.

Sometimes we don't decorate the pattern on the neckline of the blouse; instead, we put it on the bottom or in the middle of the blouse, depending on the pattern that the Ankara fabrics comes with, sometimes we even put it on one side of the ankara dress or ankara gown.

We'll include some of those pattern styles in this pictures of ankara skirt and blousestyles for wedding so you can choose one if you think it'll be bes for your african print  fabric and the wedding or other special event you want to attend.

Ankara skirts and blouses can
be paired with a variety of accessories such as necklaces, earrings, and
beautiful scarves.

Additionally, to complete the style and make you look fantastic in an Ankara skirt and blouse,

You can match your shoes and handbags to your ankara skirt and blouse, but as a fashion designer,

I'll show you how to choose shoes, bags, and scarves for Ankara skirt and blouse styles, as well as other Ankara styles.

When making Ankara-style clothing and unsure of what color shoes or bags to wear with it,

This is what you should do; I'm sure it will always look excellent and distinguish your ankara dress looks unique. 

Look for the color used by the tailor in the front of the blouse. In the majority of cases,

Colors that are not the main colors of the Ankara fabric and are not used to decorate or design the dress.

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For example, if the color of the main color of the ankara fabric is blue and it has flowers or another design in red, then we use blue accessories or other fabric to design or combine with, the ankara dress will not looks beautiful.  

Therefore, when purchasing design accessories or other textiles for combinations, fashion designers used to always look for the color that doesn't show up much on the ankara fabrics and use it to style the dress.

It depends on the Ankara fabric's design, pattern, or flower, as well as its color; if the tailor is an expert, he will know whether to use the most color to decorate or the least amount of color.

As a result, whenever you want to choose the color of shoes and bags to go with Ankara styles, look for the color of fabric or color of accessories that the tailor used to create a design on the dress.

I knew there are so many Ankara skirt and blouse styles that you can use for weddings, but it is not just any Ankara skirt and blouse that you can wear and attend a wedding, 

there are some styles that will make people see you as someone who doesn't value their wedding and that is why you dress like that, and some Ankara skirt and blouse will make you look indecent.

Here are some Ankara skirts and blouses styles for wedding.

1. Peplum Ankara blouse with pencil skirt

Peplum blouse is a dress with a flare from the under bust to the bottom or from the waist to the bottom, there are various types of peplum we have two pieces A peplum is a three-piece, or even four-piece, skirt that follows the shape of a woman's body from the waist to the ankle. 

A pencil skirt is a skirt that follows the shape of a woman's body from the waist to the ankle.

However, a slit on the back or a pleated slit is added if the wearer does not want her legs to be visible while walking.

2. peplum blouse with a six- or eight-piece skirt

3. Six pieces short gown or flared short gown with pencil skirt

The second style of Ankara skirt and blouse that you can wear to a wedding is a peplum blouse with six or eight pieces skirt. You already know what kind of dress a peplum blouse is, now let's explain a six piece skirt and a six piece skirt, 

a six piece skirt which is fitted from the waist, Hips up to the knees or almost to the knees, then it opens up to the ankle, and the eight pieces skirt is similar to the six pieces but


The third Ankara skirt and blousefor wedding is six pieces short gown with pencil skirt, the blouse can be six
pieces and it can be flared, that is peplum, but the difference between normal
peplum and this is the length. For the short gown is knee or near the knee
length, that's why it's called a short gown.

There is other way you can style you Ankara skirt and blouse for wedding but cannot mention all this post maybe in our upcoming post.


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Also see : ankara off shouldeer styles


With the help of this list of ankara skirt and blouse styles for weddings and some guidance, you should be able to find looks that complement your physical features and the wedding you want to attend. 

You should also be able to find ankara looks for any occasion. 

And if you're looking for a tailor who can make any of the styles described in
this or any other style you'd want to have made, please get in touch with us by
phone, email, contact form, or through one of our social media accounts.

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